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We offer three different training formats in order to best fit your schedule and confidence level. There is one to fit your needs whether you lack the time to train yourself, want to take the time to learn the skills to train your own dog or something in between. Whichever format you choose, we develop a personalized training plan to fit your goals, your dog's unique personality and your lifestyle.

Image by Darinka Kievskaya

Private Lessons

Private Lessons are all about giving you the know-how to train your own dog. I will be there every step of the way to help guide you through the process and answer any questions you have. I believe in training for real-life situations, so I come to you so that we can work through situations and distractions your dog will encounter in their day-to-day life. Depending on your training goals, lessons will take place in your home, park or other public place. Basic, Intermediate and Advanced packages available

Image by Luke Stackpoole

Daily Training

Daily Training is about all about sharing the hard work. I come to you and do a 30 minute one on one training session with your dog each day. They take place in your home, neighborhood, local park, or one of the many hiking trails in the area, so that we can train for your life. We will also go over training tasks for you to work on before the next session so that you can learn too! Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Packages available. Packages include a free follow up lesson to set you and your dog up for success. Individual sessions can be added on to a private lesson package at a discounted rate for those extra busy weeks.

Image by Deb Kennedy

Training Camps

Training Camps are all about doing the hard work for you. Your dog will come stay at my home and be trained daily to learn obedience, modify unwanted behaviors and develop good habits. We only keep a few dogs at a time so that each dog can receive one on one training time as well as plenty of play time, cuddles and enrichment. We believe in training for real life situations, so your dog will also be taken on field trips to parks, hiking trails, and pet friendly businesses. Your dog will come home with all the tools they need to be a loving and well behaved family member. Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced packages available and each package includes a free follow-up private lesson to make sure your dog is set up for success.

Maintence Training


No dog's training is ever finished. For the rest of their lives, rules must continue to be enforced, obedience needs to be practiced and new issues need to be addressed as soon as the pop up. Maintenance training is an often-overlooked part of a dog's training program, and usually left to the owner to deal with on their own. Instead, I want to provide you with resources to help so that you don't can get the help you need to make sure that your dog behaves better over time instead of falling back into bad habits.

Image by Tatiana Rodriguez


Walks are a great way to get your dog some exercise while ensuring that your dog's training is being maintained. We will come take your dog on a walk around your neighboorhood and practice their training, commands and always strive to put them in new situations to help you generalize their training and maintain it for years to come. 

Image by Sasha Sashina


These hikes are designed to get your dog maintenance training, responsible socialization and lots of mental and physical exercise. Your dog and up to 2 others will be picked up from your home and taken to a local trail for a 2-hour hike on beautiful Colorado trails. We will take water and snack breaks and practice their training in new and exciting situations. Then they will get dropped off at home for a well deserved nap!

Image by Hannah Lim


Dogs Day Out

Who doesn't love going on adventures with their furry family members? Designed for dogs and their families to maintain and progress training, bond together and strengthen their relationship. These activities will be especially beneficial for confidence-building with anxious and fearful dogs. Activities may include socializing at breweries or coffee shop, hiking, scent games, obstacle courses, and other fun activities. Unfortunately, due to COVID 19, this program has been postponed until it is safe to meet in groups again. 

Canine Good Citizen Certification


The AKC’s Canine Good Citizen Certification is recognized across the country as an indicator of a well-behaved dog. A CGC Certification is a great way to bond with your dog, can help your dog get approved when finding a new apartment, and is often the first step towards your dog becoming a therapy dog. If you need help preparing for the CGC Test, check out our training packages. If you would like to prepare on your own, visit the AKC’s website to learn about the test and the skills your dog needs to pass. Testing usually takes 20-30 minutes and will take place in a public space. 

Rescues and Fosters


Thousands of dogs go through Colorado's shelters and rescues every year, many due to behavioral issues that owners do not know how to manage. If you work for a rescue, shelter, or are fostering a dog for a rescue, contact me for free and discounted training services. Together we can help Colorado's homeless dogs find there forever homes. 

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